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kaixiang: less workers, improving efficiency, supplying premium product


a few days ago, when we arrived at the automation line workshop of yangzhou kaixiang,we can see the machines are running automatically, conducting the processing of transmission case with only a few workers doing the monotoring work. in this workshop, the machines play the leading role, and the workers only work in the key stations. the relevant management in charge of the enterprise told us that there are five automatic production lines in the workshop with about only 10 workers conducting management, operation and inspection. in contrast, 60 workers are needed for the manufacturing of the same product before. the worker quantity needed are reduced significantly since the automation line was put into use. the annual production capacity of this workshop can achieve 300 million yuan.

in the context of the constantly changing situation of the current market economy, we not only focus on big projects and big companies, but also increase equipment investment & improve the equipment automation level, in order to promote the continuous transformation & upgrading and innovative development.

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