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yangzhou kaixiang successfully passed the assessment audit of “admission to casting industry”


recently, the ministry of industry and information published a list of companies (second batch) which meets the requirements of “admission to casting industry”,  after the application, audit, review and publicity, yangzhou kaixiang was recognized as the first qualified company in baoying county which means that the comprehensive competitiveness, quality of die-casting products and company efficiency in baoying couty have reached up to a new level.

in order to strengthen the administration of the foundry industry, the ministry of industry and information published requirements of “admission to casting industry”in may 2013. it defines the standard for die-casting companies in the following nine aspects, construction conditions & layout, production process, equipment, company size, product quality, energy consumption, environment protection, occupational safety & health, labour protection and employees quality, to promote the transformation & upgrading.

actively guide kaixiang to apply the projects, which promotes us to expand production capacity, improve production equipment, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and ensures the conformance of production process, production equipment, enterprisecapacity, product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection national regulations.

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