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yangzhou kaixiang precision casting technology co., ltd. was selected as the top 50 comprehensive strength of china's die casting production enterprises.


in order to lock in "excellent die-casting enterprises" in the surging wave of die-casting development, concentrate industry resources to support the development of "excellent die-casting enterprises", and take these "excellent die-casting enterprises" as an example to guide the common progress of the whole industry, china foundry association has selected "comprehensive reality of chinese die-casting enterprises" every two years since 2017. power 50. the selection follows the principle of voluntary participation of enterprises, and no evaluation fee is charged.
after fierce competition, 50 enterprises such as shanghai pilberg non-ferrous parts co., ltd. are listed in the annex. the list is now publicized to the whole industry. the publication deadline is may 19, 2017.
contact person: liu shusheng
tel: 010-68418899 to 673 1891 1227973
fax: 010-68458356

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